We specialize in mobile restoration and refurbishing services. As well providing turn-key in-house refurbishing.

Offering multiple Services

• School Bus Color Restoration & Refurbishing
• Industrial Painting/Coatings
• Wood/Metal Fencing
• Equipment Restoration

Quality and design with the customer in mind.
We pride ourselves on using the best — the best materials, the best building techniques and the best people. This simply provides the owners with the greatest return on their investment.

• We are 100 % mobile - cutting transportation cost

• Our color restoration services are a small fraction of full repainting and minimize the time your equipment is out of service

• Our trailer is outfitted with coating/paint spray rigs, power washer unit, and also a 40’ X 20’ blow up paint booth that we do all painting inside, we simply require a small section in the corner of your yard to perform services

• We don’t believe that quality has to suffer in order to receive a good price
Quality workmanship at a fair price is what we strive to provide
We have spent years building valuable relationships with loyal suppliers and subcontractors
Thus the volume discounts we receive are reflected in our competitive pricing.